Raw, vegan and gluten-free Banoffe Pie Recipe

Hello everyone!

So it’s been awhile.. The reason why I haven’t posted anything is mostly because I have been working, studying and enjoying summer. But I’m not working anymore so I have more time to post new things. I’m going to start with an amazing recipe I found on a vegan blog. The owner of the blog is a girl from Norway and she posts a lot of vegan and gluten-free recipes. (disclaimer, everything looks so yummy so you will probably try one of her recipes immediately!)

Click here to see the recipe!

Now of course I had already taken a piece of the pie before thinking that I had to take a picture if I could post it here! (I hope you don’t mind 🙂 )




I have to say the Banoffe Pie turned out really good and many people wanted the recipe. This is perfect for those who are allergic to chocolate, gluten or lactose. 

Let me know if you tried it and if you liked it!


May favorites

So I know that I’m a little bit  late for this post, but I thought better late than never! This is my first favorites post, and if I’m being honest I won’t do them often because I really don’t have that much new things every month.(too expensive for me!) 


1. Deo from Färg och Förändring. This deodorant is so good! It has really good ingredients and it works as well. The smell is very girly and fruity and I wear this when I’m going to work, to school or when I go shopping and it stays one. I don’t think it will work when you workout but you’re supposed to sweat when you exercise! Not smell like a flower. I will definitly buy this one again. There are other scents and you can buy it here

2. Naked Lips lipbalm. I wrote about this lip balm here and I still like it. You can read about what I wrote there. 

3. Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use-Blush in Tender. This is a sheer formula and normally I don’t use blush but I this one changed my mind. I love the baby pink color, it gives a nice healthy glow to the cheeks and it’s the first baby pink color that I can wear on my lips that doesn’t make me look ill. I also tried to apply it on my eyes but it didn’t show up the way I wanted. This is a sample and I’ve used it many times already (and I got much left.) The only thing I don’t like about this one is the price.

4. Pai Skincare Camomille and Rosehip Calming Day Cream. So I don’t use it as a day cream but as a night cream. It makes my skin glowy and look a lot smoother. It has the same effects as Argan oil but this calms my skin more and takes away the redness better. It was a sample and I used it for two weeks almost every night! So a little goes a long way. This product is for those who have sensitive skin.

5. Organic Rosewater. I wrote about this product in my mini-haul and you can read it here. This is my new holy grail. I use this everyday, in my hair and on my face and it works amazing. I prep my face with it before moisturizer and I set my makeup with it. I also like to spray it in my hair and it both gives volume and moisture. If you haven’t tried rosewater, try it! You won’t regret it,

Two Lily Lolo products





















I purchased two things from Lily Lolo a week ago, a bronzer in the colour Wakiki and an eye pencil in black. I’ve used them both a couple of times and I thought I would do a review on them. Lily Lolo is a British company who makes natural makeup and their products are free from parabens, synthetic parfumes and dyes. The bronzer was £13.49 and the eye pencil £6.99 so they are not expensive at all, if you compare it to other companies. You can read more about them here and look at their products. 








So first about the bronzer: I bought the lightest shade, Wakiki. They also have two darker colours. The bronzer is shimmery and has a yellow undertone. You can use it to contour, you just put it where the sun naturally hits your face (your nose, forehead and cheeckbones) Personally, I would have ordered a darker shade, because it was too light for me to use in the summer, but it will probably work in the winter when I’m more pale. Still, it went on smoothly and I could easily blend it. It looked good and I highly recommend it to people who have a light skin tone! As you can see on the picture below it almost blends in with my skin tone and I like the bronzer to be a little bit darker.  Now I’m thinking about buying the darker colour, because beside the colour I liked the bronzer.


My second purchase was an eye pencil in black. Since I don’t own an all natural eye pencil I really wanted this one to work. It goes on very smoothly, almost too smoothly. It can transfer on your lower waterline if you put it on your upper waterline and it easily smudges. If your going for a smoky eye kind of effect than this eye pencil will probably work for you cause it’s easy to blend. When I use it I really have to be careful so it won’t smudge or go anywhere. The colour is really black so that is a big plus, but I’m kind of sad that I have to be so careful. It’s hard to use and you should not buy this if you are new to makeup. I will still use it, but I will not buy it again.




All in all, I got a good impression of Lily Lolo and I will buy more of their products! 🙂 I’ve been looking at their blushes and lip glosses. Have anyone tried any of their products? If so, what do you think?  

2 green smoothie recipes


Hey! I love making green smoothies, they taste good, and they are really healthy. I usually have them for breakfast and they are great to take with if you are in a hurry. Here are two recipes that I like to make, I got inspired by the lovely Fullyrawkristina on the first recipe, be sure to check her out! She makes great videos.


First recipe: 

2 Oranges

1 Apple

1/2 Pineapple (more if you want to)

2 leaves of Kale

1 tbsp Baobab powder

Put everything in a blender and blend! (I recommend that the oranges are first, it’s easier to blend that way)


Second recipe:

3/4 Cucumber

1/2 Pineapple

Spinach (you can see the amount on the pic 🙂 )

1 tbsp Baobab powder

Just put everything in the blender and blend. Feel free to skip the Baobab powder if you don’t have any.

Oh, and btw! I just made an instagram account; @alicesvoice , check it out 🙂


What’s in my makeup bag?

I thought it would be fun to show you what I like to bring with me when I go out, I use these products when I want to touch up my makeup. These products are all natural. The pictures can be a little bit blurry, because it was so dark when I took them. I tried to make them lighter, I hope they are not too bad. 🙂



Tikei’s mineral foundation in the colour P2. If you’re searching for a good mineral foundation then this is it. The cover is great and the foundation comes in 40 (!) different shades, and you can by samples first to see which colour suits you best. I like to use it when my face is oily. Over all a good product! The kabuki brush comes in 3 different sizes and is also really good, it’s sooo soft!



Dr. Hauschka’s mascara in black. I have to admit, I was a little bit scared when I ordered this because I’ve read in reviews that it smudges and I already had problem with that with drugstore mascaras. I still ordered it and I’m happy I did! It does not smudge at all, at least not for me. Some people also think that it doesn’t give enough volume but I thought my lashes looked just the same as they would do with a drugstore mascara. I like it so much, I doubt I will ever buy any other mascara then Dr. Hauschka’s,  but who knows, I might get tired of it in the future.


This is a lip balm that I use when my lips get dry, unfortunately it contains petrolatum and other chemicals, but I did not know that when I bought it. It makes me sad that they claim it’s good and natural product when it’s not. But I’ve learned to look in the ingridient list now. Some people who is into natural products still uses things like petrolatum, but I like to avoid it.


First of all – sorry for the blurry picture!! Now on to the product; This is a lip liner from Dr Hauschka in Warm Rose. (nr 03) I like to line and fill in my lips with the liner, because when it works as both a lip liner and a lip stick, why purchase the lip stick? 🙂 It has a good pigment and the colour is very beautiful, but it’s a slightly darker colour then I’m used to, so I prefer to use it in the fall and winter time and now when spring is here I like to choose more light colours.

I also have some eyeshadows in my makeup bag but I thought I’d do swatches instead.

Thanks for reading!


Review: Estelle & Thild Cleansing Gel and Facial Toner (Neroli)


Estelle & Thild is a Swedish organic brand that has a wide range of products for skin, body and baby care. The brand is certified organic and has different products for different skin types. You can visit their website here. 

I had no idea that the brand was organic when I bought these product, because I wasn’t into natural products at that time. I just wanted a simple makeup remover and all the ones I had been trying out just made my skin worse. The reason why I bought the cleansing gel was because it was on sale and the packaging was cute. I’m so happy that I bought it, because it made such a difference to my skin.

Cleansing Gel Neroli – I love this cleanser. It is very gentle on your skin and it’s for normal to combination skin. It cleared up my skin really fast and I was just amazed by the product. All the products I used before just irritated my skin and it would cause break outs. A lot of them. This product does not do that at all. The sent is really refreshing and citrusy and does not dry your skin out. My skin has been pretty dry this winter and it has still worked for me. The only problem is that it will not take away your eyemakeup or loads of foundation but it hasn’t been a problem for me. I like to take away my eyemakeup with coconut oil, and after that I will use the Cleansing Gel. The ingridients are also very good. I absolutely recommend this wonderful product!

Facial Toner Neroli – I bought this toner because I liked the clenasing gel so much. This on the other hand is not as good as the cleansing gel. I like to apply the toner after I use the cleansing gel, but my experience has not been so good so far. It’s supposed to give your skin an energy-boost and balance your skin. I don’t like the sent so much, it’s too strong for me. First when I applied it to my skin it was cooling and refreshing, but after a few seconds my skin started to burn really much and my face was soooo red. I didn’t do anything about it, I just went to bed. The next day when I woke up my skin was completely normal, no acne and my pores were a lot smaller and my skin looked more even and had a nice glow. I’m still a little bit confused about this product and I don’t know whether I should still use it. I think I will give it some time, but the burning has just scared me. I might be allergic to something that’s in the toner, because I’ve heard nice things about it!

UPDATE: I continued to use the toner, and now it doesn’t burn anymore and my face don’t get red! I don’t know what happened and why, but it’s a miracle. Now I don’t have to throw it away, maybe the redness was just a reaction or something, I honestly have no idea. I will continue to use this product until I stumble up on something else. Do you have any good suggestions?? Let me know!

All in all, I would absolutely recommend the clenasing gel – it’s amazing. I will continue to use the toner but I’m not sure if I will buy it again.

Thank you for reading!




1. Morning glory by One Love Organics – This is a lightweight serum that’s plantbased. It is claimed that it brightens, enlives and de-puff your skin, while tighten and tone it. It will also smooth the appearence of fine lines. The ingridients are really great and I read in a review that it takes away acne scars and that’s exactly what I’m looking for! I’ve heard so much amazing stuff about One Love Organics so I really want to try it. The only problem is the price; it’s too expensive for me. But maybe one day I will purchase it!

2.  Rahua Voluminous Shampoo – I’ve tried many different natural shampoos without sulfates, silicones and parabens. Some of them still had some bad ingredients, like Sodium Coco-Sulfate. It’s not as bad as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate and other sulfates, but some people like to avoid it. This one does not have Sodium Coco-Sulfate, and still lathers up pretty good. It claims, to make your hair voluminous and bouncy and at the same time strenghten your hair. It also claims that the shampoo fortifies weak, damaged strands while nourishing and regenerating the scalp and hair follicles. Sounds good to me! One of the few problems I have with natural shampoo is that I don’t get so much volume, so this one is very appealing to me. I’ve read so much great stuff about this one, so I think I might purchase it after I’ve used up my current shampoo!

3. “Un” Cover-Up  by rms beauty – Many of you might already have this one. I’ve been thinking about buying it for a long time, but I just haven’t done it yet. It can be used as an foundation or as a light concealer and it will melt into your skin while covering up imperfections and redness. If you have very dry skin you can apply a moisturizer first and if you have oily skin you can set it with powder. The concealer comes in 5 different shades and you can apply it with your fingers or with a foundation brush and the product is certified organic.

4. “Pure Rose” Drinkable Bulgarian Rose Water – You can eat it, drink it, spray it on your face as a toner or spray it to set your makeup and even spray it on your hair to moisturize it! You can put it in water, hot water, tea or smoothie and drink it or put it in your cereals, fruit salads and eat it! It says that it promotes healthy digestive system, helps your body to detoxify, balances your energy level, improves your mood, freshens your breath and creates a sense of well-being. It is also good for your skin and hair, and you can read all the benefits hereIt’s 100 % pure and natural and has no additives, no chemicals, and contains nutritious juices and pure rose oil from fresh organic Rosa Damascena petals. How awesome ain’t that!

What’s on your wishlist? Leave a comment and tell me! It’s interesting to see what others want and we can get inspired by each other!