Two Lily Lolo products





















I purchased two things from Lily Lolo a week ago, a bronzer in the colour Wakiki and an eye pencil in black. I’ve used them both a couple of times and I thought I would do a review on them. Lily Lolo is a British company who makes natural makeup and their products are free from parabens, synthetic parfumes and dyes. The bronzer was £13.49 and the eye pencil £6.99 so they are not expensive at all, if you compare it to other companies. You can read more about them here and look at their products. 








So first about the bronzer: I bought the lightest shade, Wakiki. They also have two darker colours. The bronzer is shimmery and has a yellow undertone. You can use it to contour, you just put it where the sun naturally hits your face (your nose, forehead and cheeckbones) Personally, I would have ordered a darker shade, because it was too light for me to use in the summer, but it will probably work in the winter when I’m more pale. Still, it went on smoothly and I could easily blend it. It looked good and I highly recommend it to people who have a light skin tone! As you can see on the picture below it almost blends in with my skin tone and I like the bronzer to be a little bit darker.  Now I’m thinking about buying the darker colour, because beside the colour I liked the bronzer.


My second purchase was an eye pencil in black. Since I don’t own an all natural eye pencil I really wanted this one to work. It goes on very smoothly, almost too smoothly. It can transfer on your lower waterline if you put it on your upper waterline and it easily smudges. If your going for a smoky eye kind of effect than this eye pencil will probably work for you cause it’s easy to blend. When I use it I really have to be careful so it won’t smudge or go anywhere. The colour is really black so that is a big plus, but I’m kind of sad that I have to be so careful. It’s hard to use and you should not buy this if you are new to makeup. I will still use it, but I will not buy it again.




All in all, I got a good impression of Lily Lolo and I will buy more of their products! 🙂 I’ve been looking at their blushes and lip glosses. Have anyone tried any of their products? If so, what do you think?  


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