How to: Lighten your hair naturally!

Hey there! Today’s post is going to be about how to lighten your hair naturally. Some of you might already know this, because many people use these methods, but I’m going to tell you people who don’t know!

1. Lemon and sun 

This is pretty simple actually, you only need a lemon and sunlight. I only do this in the summer, because here in Finland the sun doesn’t always shine. It’s really dark here in the winter, and even in spring and fall. But if you live somewhere where it’s warmer, then this should work all year around.

How to do it: Just take the juice from the lemon and put it in your hair, make sure it’s even and enough of it. Then just sit in the sun for a couple of hours. This method is not the kindest to your hair, it can actually be a little bit harsh and you may not see drastic results after the first time but it I think it works! I can already see that my hair looks lighter after the first time, even though it’s not so drastic.

Then just remove the lemon with water. I always shampoo and condition my hair afterwards.

2. Chamomile tea rinse

This is also pretty simple. Just warm up water to 90-95° C (this amount depends on how much hair you have, but I like to use 1,5 litre) and then add 4-6 bags chamomile tea. You want the tea to be strong, otherwise it won’t work as good. I like to rinse my hair with this after I’ve shampooed and conditioned my hair. Remember to not wash your hair with water afterwards! This one is not harsh at all as the lemon method, it’s actually good for your hair! So you get a 2 in 1 here. 🙂

3. Honey

Now there is two recipes for this one. One is more simple.

First recipe: Just mix honey with your conditioner! Apply to your hair after you’ve used your shampoo, and let it be in as long as you want to, but 20 minutes should be enough. (The longer the better) Then just rinse with water!

Second recipe:

You will need:

Honey (1/2 dl)

Water (1/2 dl)

Olive Oil (1-2 tbsps)

Cinnamon (1 tbsp)

This recipe will work better than the one with only honey and conditioner because this one also contains olive oil and cinnamon, which  also lightens your hair. Just mix all the ingridients and apply to your hair. Remember: It can be a little bit messy. You want to let it sit for at least one hour, maybe two. As I said with the other honey recipe; the longer the better, so even over night if possible. Then just wash your hair as you would normally. (I like to shampoo twice, because my shampoo is very gentle and the olive oil can be hard to get out!)

I hope this post hepled you!

I have actually got some samples from Zuii Organics, so stay tuned for swatches later! 🙂

Imagejust a weird pic from summer when I lightened my hair w/ lemon 🙂



4 thoughts on “How to: Lighten your hair naturally!

  1. If you want to dramatically lighten it, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and honey is good! You brush it on like a normal developer (this is a hairstylist term) and cover your hair in aluminum foil for 30 min. Then wash and deep condition!

    • Thank you for the recipe! Sounds interesting, I haven’t tried hydrogen peroixide in my hair, but I’m sure it would work great 🙂 I might try it out if I can find any hydrogen peroxide in the stores, because I live in a very small town. so it can be hard to find.

  2. Huh, I never knew that you could lighten your hair using everyday items such as lemon. SO COOL, thanks for sharing! Have you ever tried dying your hair with henna? I used it once to give myself red highlights and while it was messy, it worked out great, and my highlights are still somewhat in my hair even though its been over 10 weeks. Do you think what you suggested could work on dark brown hair?

    • Yeah, it’s amazing 🙂 Even though it won’t show as drastic result as bleaching it, it’s soooo much better for your hair! No actually I haven’t, I have never died my hair, (just with lemon and honey) But I’ve heard about henna, and I would love to try it out. Yes I believe this works for everyone, it doesn’t matter if your hair is blonde or brown. But if you want to go blonde it might not work, but if you want a brown/light brown hair then I think you should definitly try one of these methods! 🙂

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