What’s in my makeup bag?

I thought it would be fun to show you what I like to bring with me when I go out, I use these products when I want to touch up my makeup. These products are all natural. The pictures can be a little bit blurry, because it was so dark when I took them. I tried to make them lighter, I hope they are not too bad. 🙂



Tikei’s mineral foundation in the colour P2. If you’re searching for a good mineral foundation then this is it. The cover is great and the foundation comes in 40 (!) different shades, and you can by samples first to see which colour suits you best. I like to use it when my face is oily. Over all a good product! The kabuki brush comes in 3 different sizes and is also really good, it’s sooo soft!



Dr. Hauschka’s mascara in black. I have to admit, I was a little bit scared when I ordered this because I’ve read in reviews that it smudges and I already had problem with that with drugstore mascaras. I still ordered it and I’m happy I did! It does not smudge at all, at least not for me. Some people also think that it doesn’t give enough volume but I thought my lashes looked just the same as they would do with a drugstore mascara. I like it so much, I doubt I will ever buy any other mascara then Dr. Hauschka’s,  but who knows, I might get tired of it in the future.


This is a lip balm that I use when my lips get dry, unfortunately it contains petrolatum and other chemicals, but I did not know that when I bought it. It makes me sad that they claim it’s good and natural product when it’s not. But I’ve learned to look in the ingridient list now. Some people who is into natural products still uses things like petrolatum, but I like to avoid it.


First of all – sorry for the blurry picture!! Now on to the product; This is a lip liner from Dr Hauschka in Warm Rose. (nr 03) I like to line and fill in my lips with the liner, because when it works as both a lip liner and a lip stick, why purchase the lip stick? 🙂 It has a good pigment and the colour is very beautiful, but it’s a slightly darker colour then I’m used to, so I prefer to use it in the fall and winter time and now when spring is here I like to choose more light colours.

I also have some eyeshadows in my makeup bag but I thought I’d do swatches instead.

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “What’s in my makeup bag?

  1. Hi! I am aware that Tikei is a european brand, do they ship to US? And also does the mineral foundation have bismuth oxychloride in it?

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